Monday, March 14, 2011

the continuing story

Last Monday morning at 5:00 AM Dwight was loaded in the transport vehicle and set off to Doctors Hospital to spend some time in surgery with Dr Brightwell. His check in was scheduled for 6 AM. He arrived at 5:40, surgery was at 8. All went well, Dr Brightwell thinks that the 'Third time is the charm' and we (Dwight) will have a good, usable vein for dialysis. It will be several weeks of healing before we know for sure. Dwight really likes Dr Brightwell and I have heard from others that he is the best. Praying so.

Dwight had been on a very, very strong antibiotic for an infection. It affected his sugar levels, causing them to go quite low. He went several days without insulin shots and extra bags of candy. He seems to be returning to normal. Also he back on blood thinners so his blood is not clodding in the dialysis machine and he is getting a full four hours of dialysis.

The new treatment they are using on his bedsore is being successful, so good to have good reports. Dwight (and the five grand kids) are quite anxious for all this to be done with and for Dwight to return to our little Cape Cod on Demorest.

I am hoping to have a work day one Saturday in April and fix the ramp and a few other things around our home. (Maybe the 30th--anyone free and willing to join me?)

Thanks to all of you who continue to inquire about and pray for my sweet husband.


HennHouse said...

Count the HennHouse in. One of us will cook. Three of us will help. One of us will "help."

jen said...

im sure we may have a handy man around here too :)