Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sittin' and Snoozin'

Dwight is not overly happy with his new room. Everyone coming in through the main entrance into the long term care wing must walk straight towards his room to turn the corner. He feels he is observed by most. Also there are two offices just across from his room so there is alot of 9-5 traffic there. But he has a window again, and it over looks the parking lot. Of course nothing is as nice as his own room at home.

The evening news is on, with buzz about the bad weather and some wedding taking place tomorrow. Dwight and his roommate are sleeping through it all. Not sure how, both have air mattress with less than quiet pumps. And his roommate has a trac and breathing machine. Add Dwight's TV with the news and Ernie's radio playing country music and too many commercials. My body would like to join them but the noise is too much for me. Just wish I could sleep when I settle into my comfy bed at night, laying awake 2-3 hours is crazy.

Spring is so welcome-less rain and storms would be good, but the flowers, tree breaking forth with fresh leaves and pears blossoms is great. I have a wonderful crop of violets--many shades of violet, whites and white with violet freckles. The bleeding hearts are in full bloom and last falls pansies are beautiful. The lily of the valley look like they will produce a great crop of fragrant flowers. Can't wait.

Time to kiss Dwight awake and go let the dog out, eleven hours is a long bladder hold. And fuzzy kittens to hold. One still needs a home....

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