Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What next?!?

Rumors have circled for months about The Stitching Post. Friday evening, close to time to go home I got a phone call that The Stitching Post and Husqvarna Viking (Sewing Machines) were no longer partners.(A fifty year partnership). Saturday morning VSM would be our (my) new employer. The cash register wouldn't work. Many of the supplies couldn't be sold......And on and.......including an email sent from the president of The Stitching Post that said all stores inside JoAnn's were closed. This caused a lot of concern for our customers.

Included in the stack of papers of instructions on our new procedures, was a job application. We needed to get it filled out and to headquarters by Tuesday. After 30 days, we can interview for continued employment.

Oh, did I mention, one of the papers said that our location and one in Dayton would be closed within two weeks?

Today all the thread,(including the thread needed to demo machines) needles and all other stitching post merchandise was removed--boy does it look empty.

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jen said...

oh susie! im even more confused now :) are the stores closed or not? i tried to call the store # and it was disconnected :(