Friday, February 27, 2009


We finally made it to New York--- slip sliding in the motel parking lot, which had wonderful mounds of snow, piled high--very high from the non stop snow of Western New York. If time wasn't so tight and proper clothing had been brought along, it would have been a great experience for the grandchildren, alright, the grandsons, to climb and play on that snow.

In our connecting motel rooms that the wonderful son-in-law and reserved for us, Jackson decided it was time to focus attention on him again. I am sure Tim was seriously considering getting rid of that connecting door. Four adults was 3 too many trying to get a melt down five year old to calm down. I decided to remove one adult and get on to the point of the trip---

I put my coat back on and made the 4 mile drive to my sister Becky's home where the family had gathered to rest and recover in the time between the two calling hours. Every seat was taken, but I did manage to find the kitchen the lunch fixings that a great friend of my Dad's had provided, and some of my brother-in-laws coffee.

Most of the males of the family were gathered around the computer checking out a gun show, I opted to find my new grand niece and add to the job of spoiling her. She didn't complain one bit. She is quite a miracle--having open heart surgery when only days old.

The family return to the Falconer Funeral Home, where quite a large group of extended family and even more friends gathered to say good-bye to my Dad. Emotions don't allow me to share more right now--it was heart warming to see so many people come out on a very cold, very snowing night to spend time with our family.

Karin, Tim and their three came in shortly. (Kristen opted to not come, as Aurora developed a slight case (as my Dad would say) backdoor trots.) Esther Faith promptly circled the room and the hall, tempting her limits and her brothers patience. My Uncle Jimmy (Dad's sole surviving sibling) proudly told all interested what miracle Esther Faith was. Karin got a wonderful picture of Esther Faith hugging my Mom. Check it out on her blog.

After calling hours (and a couple more bordies) we tried to wind down and settle down for the night. Again, I as sure Tim had second thoughts on a joining rooms.

Morning found bright sunshine on the diamond studded snow. An absolutely beautiful sight. The sidewalks, that were so well cleaned the night before had soft, gentle drifts in them, snow dusted the pines at the edge of the parking lot, and all the plowed up snow was candy coated with fresh whiteness.

We feed the children at the in house breakfast, it wasn't bad, but I am not sure all the children would agree with me. Tim and Karin found themselves running on empty as they closed the breakfast before they finished exercising. But we did find a Tim Horton's and took care of every ones needs.

to be continued...


hennhouse said...

I'm so glad you're writing all of this down...

I love you.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

What an adventure! I know the circumstances were not ideal, but there was definitely some wonderful quality time spent with the family. I can't wait to read more.