Monday, March 30, 2009

One Week, One Day

The jury is still out. We are still in transistion, having very little stock. People still think we are closed. Fulltime is 37 1/2 hours instead of 40. The drive is longer (I drove 1.8 miles before, now 15 miles one way. Quess filling up on gas once a month is a thing of the past. Hopefully inventory increases this week. Needles, thread, feet, hoops and machines. It will be great to send people home with a machine instead of a work order.

Stopped into 'my JoAnns' Saturday morning to see my friends that only work on Saturday. Got alot of hugs and Steve, one of the Managers, told me to be careful or he would have me cutting fabric. :)


HennHouse said...

I still think that if you hang out long enough, they will put you to work!!

jen said...

we have to stop in to see you! hopefully sometime soon... we are busy busy at the moment. things should calm down sooner or later. *should* being the key word :) we miss you!!