Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Saga Continues

It seems most people in the Lincoln Village market believed the email:

"Due to changes in the structure of Husqvarna Viking,the Stitching Post will no longer be a Husqvarna Viking dealer in the Dayton & Columbus markets.

Effective today March 7, 2009, ALL of the Stitching Posts inside the Joann stores are CLOSED. "

Business almost totally dried up, two days we had zero sales. When customers came into JoAnn's and saw us there they were extremely surprised and full of questions. It got to the place I sounded like a tape recording.

Yesterday and today interviews were held. We will be informed tomorrow (Friday, if we are hired and where we will be working). Today, (Thursday) we boxed up our location and all is gone except the large fixture that couldn't be removed yet. It feels surreal; the ownership change, the closing of our location, the uncertainty of the future employment.

Many, many customers have expressed their disappointment, but more so, many have been so kind in their comments of appreciation of my service to them. As I took names and addresses for the new data base, many insisted that I personally let them know where I was going to be working. Many gave hugs and one even called me in tears and told me she was already praying for my husband and I in this transition. The JoAnn's employees have been unbelievable, what a wonderful 'family' of friends I have there; so many expressed sadness in seeing us leave and gave hugs, phone numbers and email addresses. I was made to promise, repeatedly, that I would let them know where I was going. I was encouraged to fill out a job application with them so they could 'keep me.' I didn't realize how deep our relationship had become. I am truly blessed.


HennHouse said...

I am in tears as I read this...

It does feel surreal.

Sam said...

What a scene. It's awesome for a guy to hear how much his Mom is loved and will be missed, and for him to see the appreciation he'd carried so long for her expressed in other's words and actions.

I'm gonna call soon so we can chat it up. Love ya, Mom.