Friday, March 20, 2009


After waiting most of the day, I finally received my phone call about 2:00 this afternoon. I was told pay rate, commission scale and that benefits would be avaiable, if I choose to accept employment as a salesperson at the Dublin location. Fulltime, with two other fulltime employees at this location. I said yes, I was somewhat disappointed, as I had hoped to be offered the position at one of the locations. But I had prayed about it, and I know that there is a reason that, altho' I have been with the former company longer than all expect 3 others that I wasn't choosen. God is in control, and His wisdom doesn't always match our supposed logic. The girl who is to be the manager at the Dublin store is a great girl, a Christian, and we are good friends. I believe we can be a great team.

The drive to Dublin is much longer than my 2 mile drive to Lincoln Village, I will have to drive within 3 traffic lights of LV to catch 270 north. I will have the joy of rush hour, at times, including stop and go traffic. I will be getting a new Franklin County map and try a couple back roads, if there are any.

My first day with VSM is tomorrow, 11-7. See some of you there. I will still the majority of my JoAnn shopping at LV.


Sam said...

Hooray for a job, right? Thanks for sharing and giving hope to the many who are still looking.

jen said...

so glad that you are employed!! looks like i will be shopping at sawmill a lot more often now ;)