Monday, January 16, 2012

Pity Party

I am hosting a Pity Party, all are welcome, altho' I know few will attend. Every once in awhile it is necessary, then you move forward.

First off, Dwight is doing quite well. It seems the antibiotic did its job, he is pretty much back to his normal. He is going to a new pain management Doctor on Friday. We are praying they can get him on a better management than he is on now. Someone at the nursing home, who doesn't see him to discuss his pain, keeps changing his drug program.

My self pity list:

1) I have been using Dwight's desktop PC since mine got sick, but his has limited hard drive and keeps yelling at me.

2) In the fall the dryer quit. Just stopped being helpful. You can faintly hear the heating element come on, but no tumbling is happening. Took the back off the dryer, the belt is intact and there is no fuse. Just a no go show boat. Not an overly big deal, I just hung some clothes line in the basement, dug out the clothespins, a fan and hang the clothes.

3) Just before Christmas my blue tooth printer decided to go off line. And of course the CD ROM is no where to be found to reload in the PC and get the printer to do its job. Gr-r-r

4) This morning I tried to run the dishwasher, it is very full of very dirty dishes. It is (was) a good dishwasher, a Maytag, you don't have to rinse your dishes dishwasher. It has been moved four times and still ran well, mostly. It is at least eighteen years old. Sometimes the door won't shut tight, it gets caught on the counter top. It was installed by Dwight in the wheelchair and an elderly gentleman from down the street so a couple hiccups are acceptable. Till this morning, the door wouldn't close tight--at all. As I tried the usual tricks the door removed itself partially from the dishwasher and now will not close or open completely. Just kinda hanging there. I truly appreciate the knowledge God gave someone to invent the dishwasher, and I am one who greatly enjoys that blessing. Guess it is time to shop. From somewhere where they install without spending a fortune . Guess I keep hanging my laundry for now.

I could list many other of life's challenges, but those are the ones that are causing me frustration today.

Thanks for attending my party, there is still coffee in pot, nice and hot--it works fine. Want a cup?

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Anonymous said...

Susie, I came to your pity party! :) I know how it is with the dishwasher. Mine had wires burn up in the control panel and it stayed there like that for years. I just got another dishwasher through Sears because you can get it interest free on your charge if you pay it within a certain time period. That's the only way I can get things. As for the dryer.....mine is gas. I just had to replace it too. Sears. LOL! That's about the only place that will accomodate my "payment" programs!! And now I hear they're struggling and might be going out of business. Wonder if it's because they've been too accomodating?? It wasn't ALL had some good news about Dwight. But I know, there are just some times that we need to vent. I'm hearing you, girlfriend. Hang in there. Maybe something will show up. Did you check Craigslist?