Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the Hospital Again

Saying good morning to Dwight this morning, I had feeling we were in for 'it' again. But he often sounds tired and his conversation is a little off before breakfast. But about 40 minutes later he called and asked me to come see him, he needed to talk. Normally he knows I babysit Esther Faith on Tuesday, but he had either forgotten that or that it was Tuesday.

Pastor Tim had stopped in to see him before he went to dialysis and he immediately knew some was wrong and talked to me when he realized Dwight was have difficulty holding the phone and communicating. After talking to him and the nurse, we knew another infection had descend on my dear husband.

Off to Grant Hospital again. And again some in the ER thought he was having a stoke or something.... Please listen to me, I know what an infection does to my husband, please start the testing--find it and treat it.

We were there by 10:3o, it wasn't till 4 that they gave him a broad spectrum antibiotic. It was 6:30 when he got to a room. No food, no drink, no pain meds all day. But the infection was affecting him so that he wasn't aware of the pain. It was 8:30 before I was asked all the admitting questions. Gr-r-r.

Dwight also told me that he has been getting antibiotic shots at the nursing home for about four days, I knew nothing about that. I do believe I should have been told, and I will be calling tomorrow.

Dwight was sleeping when I left, he gets another dose of antibiotics at midnight, hopefully we will see some improvement. Also, they are to get him into dialysis first thing in the morning, three days without is one to many.

Thanks Pastor Tim for your help and thanks to all friends and family for the prayers going up.

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