Friday, February 11, 2011

Good News

Never sure what the day is going bring...good news....less than good news....bad news.

Some mornings when I call my sweetheart to say Good Morning he sounds so down, sometimes slightly confused, sometimes (my favorite) his normal chipper self that makes everyone smile. Amount of sleep, pain, fever and boredom all effect him.

In the late fall we were told that Dwight had MRSA in the huge bed sore. Red warning signs appeared on his door, yellow gowns were worn by the staff in his room. Those of us visiting used extra amounts of hand sanitizer. Grandkids and children didn't visit for a couple weeks---till we were told that real danger is only to those working directly on the wound. But then Dwight was moved from the semi private room to a private room. My dear social husband. But we have handled it,all the tough parts. We made it through birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and The Super Bowl. With the Lord's help we made it. The prayers of many, many people added to our daily prayers and trust in the LORD is how we handled it.

Today he was told he is MRSA free. Red signs gone. The special cart full of special equipment gone. Not sure if (or when) he is going back into a semi private room.

The social worker has been in a couple of times asking where he is going, home or to another nursing home. We didn't know that was an option, we had asked in July that he be put on the waiting list for a long term care room. Still trying to figure that out, Dwight is far from being strong enough to come home. Our home is not set up for caring for him until he again can do alot of things for himself. And it is not our choice for him to go anywhere else, he is happy there. The social worker doesn't seem to have any appointment slots available when I can come (and when Dwight isn't on dialysis)to discuss this with her.

But the infection (in the ports used for dialysis and accompanied by a fever) Dwight has been battling (and is still on antibiotics for) is going away, and did I mention...?

The MRSA is gone!!!! Praise the Lord.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That is wonderful news!!

faith from joanns said...

such good news, Susie! i'm celebrating and praising with you!

Lucia said...

I am very happy to hear that his infection and the MRSA is gone! *many hugs to you and your dear husband*

I hope he will be able to come home soon. I know he is not ready to come home yet but hopefully with PT and other things they will enable your husband to come home at last, where he belongs. He sounds lonely without a roommate. I hope he has a TV in his room at least, for when you are not there. I'd hate to hear that your husband is bored out of his mind. Take care!

HennHouse said...

I'm sitting outside the room where Isaiah is taking the ACT with tears streaming down my face.

Can't wait to see him later today.