Saturday, February 12, 2011


Being a normally 'glass half empty' person, I shouldn't be surprised that our joy and praise of Dwight's healing was a followed by an attack by Satan.

When Dwight returns from dialysis he is normally alittle down both mentally and physically. This is not unusual for dialysis patients. Today he attempted to get comfy in his bed just before supper. And try to convince himself he wanted to eat. He noticed a couple walking by his room, and walking by his room and walking by his room. Very closely timed, slow passes. Then he overhears raised voices...

It seems this couple was ready to move a loved one into his room. They said they had been promised two weeks ago that they could have room 121 today. At that point the conversation was removed from his hearing. Of course no staff person even acknowledged that something was going on... but an unusual number did stop in just to talk for a few minutes. One, whispered, "you will be out of this room by Thursday." Period. Nothing more. If this is true, it explains why the social worker has been in asking Dwight where he was moving to. It doesn't explain why the social worker hasn't been 'free' to talk to Dwight and I when I am able to come.

Dwight's already lack of appetite flew out the window. All he ate was ice cream and ice tea. Didn't even take his dialysis medicine. He really didn't want me to leave, and before I had my coat zipped he told me he missed me already. He asked me to come and sit with him in the morning instead of going to Church.

All of my dear friends who pray, please pray for his spirits and for our wisdom. And if we need find another home, clear guidance on the right one for Dwight and his needs.

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jen said...

praying right now.