Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steeleer Fan

Things have been pretty much routine. Dialysis three times a week, wound care at least one a month, usually two times. The wound is finally healing, when it is healed, then therapy can start.

January 5th they finally took out the second stint that they were not able to get out the first week of November. Yes it took that long to reschedule.

There have been some issue with the Foley tube plugging up, so I guess he is still making kidney stones or some real close cousins. I demanded that they get orders to flush it when needed, or daily. It took 9 hours for them to get an order this last time. Six of those hours Dwight spent with stomach pain because his bladder was full and over full. The nurses couldn't do anything about it without Doctor written orders. Finally they came, orders to flush as needed, up to three times. Then what..?

Dwight is very glad that he is missing most of the weather. He is wheeled out under a canopy and unloaded under a canopy. He snuggles into his Steeler fleece and wears a grey cap with a Buckeye O on it, his toes are toasty in his red fleece slippers. He is well dressed and sporting his teams! He does get a few 'remarks' from those who do not appreciate the great team from Pittsburgh.

We are thankful that there have been no major problems of late. They need to replace the dialysis port tomorrow.

It is hard to believe that it was a year ago that I noticed something was wrong in addition to new back ache Dwight had. If only one of the Doctors we contacted (and saw) about this had taken it seriously....

....my compter wouldn't let me post yesterday. And we have a new problem. Dwight's port for dialysis wouldn't work yesterday. Nor would the spot in his arm, so he had no dialysis. Today, Wednesday, they are replacing the ports. No dialysis till Thursday. Dwight was alittle down, just weary of it all.

He still is a good kisser!! Love that guy.


Kristen said...

EUWWWW!!!.... Kissing is Grose!!! jk
I love you both!

GodQuest said...

Thanks for the update. Always look forward to them 'cause we love you guys! - Bill and Donna

jen said...

that last line was the best :)

Sam said...

Go Stillers.