Monday, February 14, 2011

Overheard Update..

Remember playing the game 'gossip' as a child? Where a statement was whispered ear to ear around a circle, coming out at the end much different than when it started?

That game is similar to what happened Saturday to Dwight. The part he heard and the part were told were parts of the truth. What buzzed around the nursing home on Sunday was the game part. And was it ever the game part. We heard quite abit after I got there in the morning. Most of it only half or less correct. Then the social worker came in. (She only works Mon-Fri, so....????) She informed us that Dwight needs to go back into a semi private room. The one right across the hall that had been emptied for the new construction. It is open now, for awhile. The person that is moving into his room demanded to be removed from her room because, altho it is a large private room now, it is being changed into a semi private room this week and she refuses to room with anyone. (Not sure if it is her or her children making the demands)

Dwight is to be out of his room and in the new one by Thursday. He asked that they do it while he is at dialysis since his bed needs semi disassembled and reassembled.

A plus to the new room is that he can observe the construction out the window--AND--the WiFi is quite strong in that room (nothing in the current room). He will now be able to have my netbook and watch Church services again. And he will be able to Sykpe. God is in control, and provides surprises. Don't know how long it will be before that room is up for reconstruction, but it is where God wants him now.

Thank God for Your faithfulness. And Your patience with our worry.

And thank you, God's children, who joined us in prayer.

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GodQuest said...

This is wonderful news. Glad he is getting a little more freedom in the new room... surfing the web, and going to church services, etc. Is Skype where he can see the grandkids over the computer screen? Cool.

Give Dwight our best. We think of you both often.
- Donna and Bill