Friday, December 12, 2008

Yeah for Son-in-laws

This evening my son-in-law decided that enough was enough. He came loaded with tools and determination to rid my blog of problems. Oh no, not my blog, my sink. He dismantled various joints and ran snakes and bend coat hangers in the pluged pipes. Lots of black, stinking, thick gunk drained out. Unfortunately, he ended up wearing some of it.

But the drain is open. Water descends. Susie & Dwight smile. And how in the world do you thank and repay a young man like our Tim? Can not even begin to imagine. He sure does not fit the stereotype of in-law-kids.

THANKS TIM. You are a terrific.


Sam said...

He's a doll, that one. Why? Cause he cleaned the gunk and I didn't, that's why. :-)

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Yeah Tim!!

hennhouse said...

You give him your daughter. That's thanks (and punishment) enough.

Love, Tim.

jen said...

yay!! you son in law is great :) that's what my parents say about their son in law too!

Swedish Mama said...

Sam, That 6 hour drive makes it hard for you to jump over and help when you want. I hate the distance that keeps us apart, but I know your heart and 'want to' is with us. Thanks. MOM