Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Monday evening my baby sister called, I cheerfully greeted her with ,"Hi Becky, how are you?" Really didn't care for her response, "Not so good, considering."

"Considering what?"

"We put Dad in the hospital tonight."

It seems he has gotten a nasty virus that has settled in his lungs and has left him very weak. The ER doctor wanted to send him home. Mom called their Dr, who then read the ER Dr the riot act and then some!!!!! The nurses are giving Dad regular treatments to try and clear out his lungs, and he is on oxygen.

Mom says she has given the situation to the Lord. Dad does have prostrate cancer and Alzheimer's. And he is 84. So, I guess Mom is handling it quite well.

I do ask for prayer for the family. Thanks.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

You are most definitely in our thoughts today and tomorrow. Hugs to both you and Dwight. Merry Christmas!

jen said...

prayers sent!!

Sam said...

Will be praying.