Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Dwight made some calls yesterday and found a registered Maytag repair place. They said that some of the parts of the frig carried a 10 year warranty and we would only pay labor if it was one of them. It wasn't. But it was a part that Maytag has had problems with and the new and improved replaced was right in the truck. So for $180 we are cold again (in the frig). Just in time, as the weather here took an Ohio turn and was heading for 50 when I left for work. We did have to throw some more food away, but we do have some in the newly cleaned and rearranged frig. I changed some of the shelving around and let Dwight put in the frig stuff so he can get to it easier for him. We are thankful to our Great God for the repair, it is alot less than even the least expensive refrigerator that wouldn't have been as nice as the one we have.

BAD NEWS--As I was finishing a comment on my sister's new blog (which it wouldn't let me post) Dwight called from the kitchen that both sides of the sink were plugged.
And after a half hour of work they are still plugged. With foul, dark, yucky water from the pans he was washing. Of course this old house has weird drains. And, of course I have NO Draino in the house. And I am not about to go out at this hour, in this neighborhood to get any, tomorrow will have to do. Hope I can wake myself early enough to do so. My alarm clock quit working Sunday and Dwight sleeps thru his. Boy is getting older interesting. And I have a cold, poor me. They have the heat turned heat down in Jo Ann's and twice last week I got really chilled. And now...

But God is good, I still have a job, contrary to rumors and the latest news; see:

It is Advent, and we celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wonder at the fulfilment of the prophecies. This a time I love to get out my Thompson Chain Reference Bible and reread them all. And the Christmas music. So many styles. So many artists. Our satellite has a CD holiday station and we listen for awhile every night.

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hennhouse said...

So happy about your fridge! Tim mentioned something about bringing the boys over tonight to help.