Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thankful for bitter cold?!?!?!?

Altho it is no secret that I am a lover of snow, bitter cold is not my list of favorites. I really don't like being cold. When we lived in Leetonia and heated with a wood burner during the day I heated at night with an electric blanket and lots of extra blankets.

But Saturday morning I was thankful it was cold, and that it is still cold. You see, I found my refrigerator had died. Like some people, it was only blowing hot air. I quickly found some boxes and loaded up meat and such from the freezer and took it to the garage/shop. While I was at work Dwight tried to find a repair person. Seems they like answer machines on Saturday. All but one gave their hours Monday thur Friday. That one stated that their rate is $92 an hour plus parts. Ouch!

I was prepared to go to Home Depot and pick one out Saturday after work but Dwight thinks we should wait till he talks with a breathing person. I am sure it is the compressor--after all it wasn't blowing cold air! Seems that when we had the compressor replaced on our frig in Leetonia 15-20 years ago it cost about $100.

Tomorrow will be the deciding day. In the mean time - meat is in the garage and a foam cooler is sitting outside the back door and the refrig sits empty. OH--and I have made three trips to the trash can with everything that spoiled or would spoil.

Some people say that they have a black cloud over them--I am tempted to look over my shoulder for mine. I am thankful that I didn't buy alot of the things I had considered at Sam's club--fresh ground beef, frozen fish, a double pack of Velveeta, and other things. Normally I would have, but I must now acknowledge that God was keeping my hands off all that food that probably would have been lost.

But the SNOW is beautiful, soft and light. Could use a little more.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

We are also supposed to get some colder temps later this week :). Hope you get the fridge worked out!

Sam said...

What a crappy situation. Life just sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

In hindsight, all you had to do was a make a phone call and I could have brought down a few hearty eaters and we could have taken care of all that food for you!

hennhouse said...

"Like some people, it was only blowing hot air."

My favorite line! You are quite entertaining!

Love you!

jen said...

oh no!! maybe a new fridge for christmas this year??

Papa D said...

Isn't it amazing that $92 on Saturday turns into $59.95 on Monday?!? God might not be done blessing yet, but I'll let Susie tell you how it all works out. Life sure is interesting sometimes.