Monday, May 13, 2013

Dog in the Driver's Seat

My little dog loves to go somewhere, anywhere with me in the van.  Short and long trips.When she must stay home she lets the cats and neighbors know her displeasure with me.  She especially believes she should accompany me to the HennHouse.  Once there she is smothered with love by Esther-Faith, takes long walks with the boys and has a great play time with the Henn dog, Angel.

Last Tuesday I stopped in for just a minute.  I left her in the van while I ran in.  Elli wasn't happy, she knew where we were.  She jumped from seat to seat, watching the house door.

And she locked the van door.  With the keys in the ignition.  And my purse on the seat. And my phone in my purse.

Karin thought this was quite funny. Laughter is good medicine and she got a huge dose.  She tried to get the dog to step on the unlock button. Elli would have nothing to do with it. She offered several options, including taking her car to my house to get the spare. But my keys are in the van.  She handed me a keyring of full keys--maybe one was to my house....she wasn't sure, they are Tim's keys.

One did work, the dog was released.  Never again will the dog and my keys stay in the van together without me.

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