Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faith Walking

Many of us have heard the expression, 'the still small voice of God'. Too often we are too busy to realize that God is speaking.  Who knows how many times we have missed something in our life because we ignored, with our busyness, what God has been whispering to us.  Or, if we did hear it, we forged ahead with our own agenda without acknowledging what we heard--often because our human selfishness, thinking we know best.

Last Tuesday I became aware to the whispers of God.  I did what we often do, dismissed it.  It was illogical.  It was unworkable.  It wasn't what I want.  But God is God, and God in His love for me, continued to speak.  Raising the volume some.  I listened.  I presented my case.  Every argument, every but was meet with two words.  "Trust Me."

As I prayed, read the Word and listened, God reminded me of the many times He has blessed me, has held me, has carried me through circumstances.  And He asked, "If I have done it before, why wouldn't I do it again?  Trust Me.  See what I have planned for you."

So I am.  

In obedience to His command, I handed in my two week notice at work.  And I am trusting.  I am not letting myself worry.  He is in control.  

The peace and joy are wonderful.

He did not direct me to stop teaching at Jo Ann's, so I will still have a few classes a month.  I will work on reducing my stash of fabric, converting it into quilts and clothes for baby dolls and American Girl dolls. And bags, and purses.  I have a list of quilt designs I want to make so I am sure I will keep my machines humming. There are lots of things that need embroidered. 

And I am sure I will continue to find fabric I must have to make into.......


Hollie said...

And somehow God will make a way. Just keep following those gentle nudges. The best place to be is in the center of God's will. It can be very exciting to see what God has planned for you!

GodQuest said...

Thanks for the e-mail letting me know you have a fresh post. I realized I had missed some past ones, and enjoyed catching up. --- God is in Control, a lesson I have to learn at every turn. "Lord, I have believe, but help my unbelief." You inspire me, Susie. The lesson is to keep listening and keep surrendering. Neither of them easy tasks... but always for our good.

Jen said...

wonderful post. and wonderful reminder. i'd admire your faith and your trust in Him. hugs and love!!