Monday, July 22, 2013

A Drive in the Rain

We decided sometime ago to return Dwight to Pennsylvania and to set his remains to rest at his headstone.  Days off from work were requested, the days plans made and fair weather expected,
 it is July--normally a dry month.

 When it was time to start the 3 1/2 hour drive it poured.  It double poured, no it triple poured.
 I had on a rain coat, one that should repel water, I was literally soaked to the skin as I ran to the van.   My shoes were ponds.  We all dripped. At a rest stop I stood with my back to the hand blow drier to try to dry off.  It worked some, but my van seat was also wet so I'm not sure it was any help.

As we  drove east on Rt 70 across Ohio, through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania the 
rain ranged from almost nothing to near blinding downpours
  But as we entered Greensburg is slowed and stopped. 
At the Shirey Cemetery it was dry.

We gathered around our tombstone.  
 Both Dwight and I enjoy birds, I was not surprised to find the headstone sporting a
lot of extra decorations added by the local birds, more than other headstones nearby.  
Karin lovingly washed it off.

To the grandchildren I pointed out their great grandparents, great-great grandparents and various other relatives.  Not sure if any were impressed, but I enjoyed telling them.  
Isaiah's eyes got quite wide when he read the tombstone of his great-great grandparents and discovered that Grandma Nellie and he share the same birth-date.

We had a nice service honoring Dwight.  Kristen sang 10,000 Reasons, she accidentally hit the
 wrong button and instead of the accompaniment track got the vocal track, 
 she sang a very good duet with Matt Redman, but he finished alone as emotions overtook her. 
 Tim read Psalm 100, and some of Philippians 4, (Dwight's favorite New Testament book.) 
 Isaiah, our oldest grandchild,  then read Psalm 121, which was a constant source of strength for Dwight in his last months.  Tim and Isaiah gently lowered Dwight's ashes into the ground
 as the thunder threatened us.  I attempted to pray for Dwight's continuing influence on our family 
and all others he touched on his journey.  
  Tears where present in many an eye this afternoon.

As we settled back into our vehicles, the rain started.  
It continued to pick up in intensity, when we arrived at Hoss' Steakhouse we were
 in another intense downpour.  But with the promise of eating at a favorite 
restaurant of Papa's we all braved the rain and enjoyed a great meal.

I am convinced the God held off the rain at the Shirey Cemetery
 until the Shirey family was finished.
Thank you Lord. 

We drove home through rain. It was a safe trip both ways.  God is good.

  At home my rain gauge measured 2 3/4 inches of rain.  Wow.

Thank you to all who prayed for us today. 

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Susie Shirey said...

I am glad that you can express your feelings in ways that empower others. I was glad to spend these memorable times with you, no matter the occasion. Keep on writing, Grammy. Your words and the way you handle situations are inspiring.