Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do you hear what she hears?

From the beginning of our marriage Dwight's parents would call on our Birthday and sing Happy Birthday, we loved it.  We returned the joy to them on their birthday's.  We attempted to carry it on with our children and grandchildren, although with my special singing talent I stood as far from the phone as possible. 

Even after Dwight was in the nursing home we called and sang to everyone. 
This year all the children and grandchildren celebrated their birthdays after Dwight's entrance to gloryland.  

Each of the grandsons, in their own way, told me they missed Papa helping them celebrate.  Today is Aurora's 7th birthday, she doesn't like to talk about Papa being gone.  I asked her this morning if she would like me to sing Happy Birthday to her,  she said no, she could hear Papa from heaven singing to her.  


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Hollie said...

Aw, Susie that is so sweet. I'm sure you all have missed those special moments. But now you make "new" memories and traditions.