Friday, August 26, 2011

Extreme news--good and bad

Dwight's pain continues to an issue. Everytime he is in and out of the hospital the meds are adjusted and readjusted. At times he is barely comfortable. During the first visit to the new pain Dr, he seemed to be listening (sometimes mostly to himself and all he does in his free time) and said he would get the meds back to where they need to be. But the scripts weren't quite right.

Then back in the hospital with them looking at old med charts and using them and sending him back the Mill Run with those orders, except for a decrease in his baclafin, because it could damage his kidneys. (Which are already damaged?!?!???)

This week Dwight had a 2nd visit with the pain doctor, who did not inquire how things were, just started cutting one drug in half and increasing another, one that make Dwight drowsy. Dwight started to ask why, and couldn't they leave the one alone, as it was working most of the time. Doc said no, Dwight attempted to engage him in dialogue to understand his plan and the Doctor snapped his laptop shut, stood up and stated, "We are done here." and walked out of the room. Not sure what we will do next, we are examining some options.

Good news: while Dwight continues simple physicial therapy in his room, sitting on the bed edge and arm strengthing, his goal is his wheelchair.

Last week a few techs where shown how to get him in and out of his wheelchiar with the lift. Two got it, two were bored.

Today they got him in his chair and wheeled him to the therapy room where he did a few exercises and back to his room. Of course Dwight gave a happy hello to everyone he passed.

He is quite excited and hopeful.

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