Sunday, August 7, 2011

Want to cry---or scream..

When the remnants of Ike came through three years ago our home suffered some damage, as did many others in the area. Finding repair men was quite a challenge. Dwight did find one gentleman that he was confident would take good care of our needs. (Of course Dwight would rather have been able to do it himself).

Instead of the man Dwight talked to, he sent his wanta be son in law. As it has turned out, he really didn't know as much as he needed to. Too many things have shown that, including the repeated flood in my kitchen.

Twice in as many weeks we had a strong storm come in from the north. A combination of an unsealed door frame and either full gutter or unbalanced gutter resulted with a water fall into my kitchen. Water was literally spraying out of the top of the door jam, shooting out into the room. A bucket placed under it had 7" of water in it, plus all the rest loading the towels on the floor. So glad I got home shortly before it started.

In the basement it was running down the north wall, the worst near where the door is. Plus several other spots. So very frustrating.

We have talked about a roof over the porch, which if installed correctly, may help with some of it. I will need to seal over the door tomorrow, somehow, I asked the neighbor if I could borrow a ladder.....hate to seal the moisture in, would wait till Wednesday but it is to rain again.

Dwight: another infection sent him to the ER on Tuesday, two 'bugs', ones he hasn't had before. Back to Mill Run Thursday after dialysis. He has five days of IV antibiotics to fight it. He does have a new room mate. We were able to get a live church service on the Internet this morning, which we enjoyed.

Celebrated (late) Karin's birthday this morning and Jackson's kid birthday party his afternoon. Fun.

Thanks for letting me stew.

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