Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have seen a few (ok, many) hints of it coming for a couple decades:

----Dwight's wonderful red beard slowly gathering white (some of it from raising kids). I didn't worry about it, after all alot of people start getting white hair or losing hair as early as high school. And lately alot white and grey hair--on Dwight--not me.

----A few aches and pains, but even young people complain of aches and pains.

----Bifocals, I really think they give them to you when you turn forty whether you need them or not, so they don't count.

----Grandkids, getting closer, especially since one is 13!!

----But this morning I received the confirmation that we are "old people" --- two TV's on in two different rooms, on two different programs.

----We have arrived....


jen said...

ha! love it ;)

HennHouse said...

Were the two programs wood working and sewing?

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I have a super funny "old people" story I will have to share with you the next time i see you....the best part is that is a true story. BTW - I think the PC term might be youthfully challenged?

Sam said...

Awesome! It had to happen one day.

Kristen said...

Unfortunately, in today's society, it is sometimes the norm for "young" couples to have two tvs on two different programs in two different rooms. It is not the case for you and dad, but for people I know, the tv and self-wants have become more important than spending time together and enjoying each other's likes/wants. Anyway, I think you are both still young. I'll have to ask the kids, they'll tell me if you are old or not. :) Love You!!!