Monday, January 5, 2009


Mom says Dad slept most of the day. She was able to get him to eat a little lunch, but he choked on supper after a couple bites, so that ending eating for the day. He just doesn't know he needs to eat. He is swelling as his kidneys shut down.

I know I can't make it home to say goodbye, he wouldn't know I was there. But I am praying that there is someway I can make it home for the funeral. If I can drive without crying. It is amazing how many thoughts, memories etc flash through the mind as you realize you are about to lose something you have always had in your life.

Dad was more on the quiet side, but had a great smile that you loved to see. Without saying a word he made you feel important. I regret that he didn't teach us all he knew about nature, which was allot. Teaching just wasn't his thing. There are five of us kids and I don't remember him ever spanking a one of us. No even raising his voice, we just obeyed. No questions. Can't explain it, definitely a gift.

We all will cry for our loss. We all will have special things that we will miss and remember. Excuse me, I need tissues.


Kristen said...

I Love You Mom! I am here for you! And if at all possible, I will drive to NY with you!! I want to hug you right now, but I'm not sure it would help, I can't keep the tears down either. I Love You!!


Swedish Mama said...

Hugging is what I need, but it would turn on the tears. No hugs.

Sam said...

Phooey on that. Hugs and hugs some more. Love you, Mom.

Swedish Mama said...

Sorry, Sam. I haven't gotten any hugs.