Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dad was very, very unhappy at the nursing home. As with Alzheimer's patients, they don't understand what is happening. Dad said he didn't want to be there with all those 'old' people, he also thought everyone was just going to leave him there. Not to worry, it seems, one of the things he has lost is the brains ability to know he is hungry and thirsty. Friday morning his blood pressure was 62/40. At 7:00 AM he was whisked off to the hospital.

Now on an IV, we are just waiting. He won't be coming home. He has pneumonia in both lungs, he kidneys are shutting down, and his bone marrow isn't producing enough platelets. The Doctor and nurses are doing all they can to make him comfortable. And we are doing all we can, as the family to accept this. Not easy for any of us.

The Doctor told Mom she was doing a great job keeping home life normal and comfortable for Dad. But the virus in the lungs was just more than Dad's body could handle.

Thank you for listening and praying.



hennhouse said...

I read this last night. I still don't know what to say. I'm so sorry. I love you. I'll keep praying.

jen said...

oh susie!! hugs and prayers sent to you and your whole family!!

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

We are here for you and continue to send you our love and support.