Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snow, wind, storm doors

Sometimes you just want to scratch your head.
Is Murphy's Law living at the Shirey's?

We have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for the contractor to come and fix the problems created by the wind storm in September.

And waiting.

He stopped by Wednesday stated he would have a man on the job Thursday. We needed half down to get the job started. Ok. And a check for the storm doors. Ok.

Thursday came and went, no one came.

Friday, about 10 he finally came. He fixed the ramp railing. Mostly. It is loose, it is nailed, but not screwed. And the damaged storm doors were taken off. Additional damage was discovered at the side door. He took off the gutters. The gutter people will be here Saturday, he said. So would he with the new doors.

One of the doors we chose is not available. No where.

Friday night it started raining. No gutters, no storm doors.

Saturday has come and gone....wind and snow have come. But no storm doors. No gutters. And no answers, the phone has been disconnected. Dwight is confident the general contractor is a good guy. I'm not sure about the sub contractor.

And we have no storm doors and no gutters.
But we have drafts and water in the basement.


hennhouse said...

Tell us how to help...

Love you.

Sam said...

I think she did tell us how to help. Hunt down and kill the subcontractor.

Swedish Mama said...

Not exactly the Christian thing to do, check Matthew.

Sam said...

Pffft, who's asking Matthew?

OK, let's not kill him. Let's just rough him up a bit. Make him realize that time at shangra-shirey is much more important than anything else he's got on the schedule.

That's more Christian, right?