Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doors, gutters and gone...

We have new gutters. And recycled down spouts. One just ends at the corner of the house. I moved a run off to it day. Couldn't find the other one--opps, yes I found it. On the other down spout, with the drain ending up against the foundation wall. Yes, that is exactly what I said, uptight against the wall. I tried to take it off the down spout, but it is not about to come off without removing one of the thing-a-ma-gigs that holds it tight. Hm-m-m---

I went to Lowe's Monday after work and found a side door, my wonderful son-in-law, Tim, came and brought it home for us. the sub installed it Wednesday.

Dwight wanted to talk with general contractor before he finished paying, but of course the Shirey luck was in control again. He came while Dwight was at Pain Management and Aurora and I were flying out the door to pick up Jackson from school.

But, we have have door and gutters and a semi repaired railing. I think I can handle the rest in my free time.

We could have been totally ripped off or charged three or four times as much. Or the house could have suffered more damage. We thank God for his goodness.

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