Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Mom called tonight. They have had several small snows so far this year, but Monday morning they woke to 12 inches of new snow. They couldn't even open the back door.
My brother Wayne cleared part of their driveway, but Dad won't let Mom go anywhere, not even to shovel the porch.

They have had some more snow showers, and then today 3 inches of snow and will have 5-6 more over night and up to 10 inches tomorrow.

I don't ever remember this much snow this early in the season as a kid. Bet they don't have school tomorrow.

My sister Becky was driving home Sunday night from visiting her daughter, once she hit Cleveland it was pretty much whiteouts, she drove extremely slow the whole way to Falconer NY, keeping an eye on the tail lights in front of her. Thank you God for your protection.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

All the snow makes one hopeful for a White Christmas this year!

Sam said...

Ahh, we do love the global warming.