Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Thoughts

It has been a great summer. The tomatoes are doing great--I have at least a dozen plants, all producing. I only planted three. The rest are volunters--so far only one has ripe tomatoes on it. Two look like romas. Isn't great. I have purple basil. I don't use basil but the plants are beautiful. The cucumbers lived long enough to give several for eating straight from picking--the squash beetles ended their lives before I had enough for pickles. Probably a good thing, won't have time to pickle anyhow. Had a few handfuls of blueberrys. I do believe they are the easist fruit to pick. And the pears, oh the pears. They look wonderful, two are starting to get a blush on them. And we had a wonderful rubarb pie this spring, if we get enough rain or I remember to water it, we may have one more in September.

We have been having a great time with the grandkids coming over. I could bore you silly with proud grandparent stories about how outstanding, talented, beautiful, handsome, great, etc, etc our kids are---and it all is true. But I won't-----you are welcome. (If you really want to know, ask or read the girls blogs)

But--Dwight is having a terrible summer. Pain, weakness, new pains, lack of appetite, and many other things. He has had many extra blood tests and has more tests coming. Would really like to know what is going on. If God prompts you, we would appreciate your prayers. Thanks.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Your gardens sound wonderful. Please tell Dwight we are thinking about him!

hennhouse said...

I love summer! You're more than welcome to come over and pickle at my house. We've got about 10 cucumbers waiting for pickling. And oh the banana peppers!

Anonymous said...

susie and dwight. keeping you in my thoughts and sending up good vibes for you. you are such a precious couple. thanks to dr. sarah for bringing you into my life.


Bethy said...

In my thoughts and prayers.
Love you both!