Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dwight visited the kidney Dr yesterday. The lining tissues of his kidneys have damage and scaring from several possibilities, topmost to much Advil. He has taken large doses since his first back injury in 1990. True to the warnings, damage can happen. He also a kidney infection. Both of these have contributed to the weakness, loss of appetite and other problems. The infection has caused fever and chills. The paper he was given from the lab was two pages long with a lot of medical words that I have no idea what they are telling us.

We now are doing all we can to eliminate the infection and not cause any more damage. We were encourage to learn that his diabetes has not caused any problems. Praise the Lord.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Susie, I've been checking every day for an update on Dwight. I hope that this damage is stoppable if not reversible. I am thankful to learn that it is not DM related. Praise, indeed.

Take solace in knowing that people are praying for you that you don't even know about. I miss catching up with your family in Dr. Sarah's office. Thank heaven for the internet! I miss all you guys!


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Sounds very hopeful! So glad to hear that the infection can be cleared up, and that you know what is leading to the damage, and you can take the steps to prevent more. Give Dwight a big hug from the Blair clan. We are thinking of you daily!

Bethy said...

I'm so glad that you posted. I've been praying and will continue to do so. My love to you both!

Sam said...

Send Laura the sheet and she'll tell you what it means. She loves reading those things. I know, crazy isn't she?