Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Papa D update

My husband, Dwight has been fighting some extra challenges the past few months. Blood work results that were alittle askew. Not feeling well--a three week long 'virus'. (Is that what we call something when we reallycan't figure out what is going on?) And a real drop in strength. So the kidney Dr ordered a kidney biopsy. Needless to say this has caused our family to wonder and worry. Then we were told that instead of just observing Dwight for a few hours after the biopsy, they wanted to keep him overnight-- till they got the results on Wednesday. This wasn't the most comforting news and did make me consider having an ulcer.

But the nurses in the Radiology Department questioned this and called the Dr. It seems someone in the office didn't understand our transportation needs and 'just decided' to give the order to stay over--it didn't come from the Dr, but sounded like it did. This wonderful, compassionate nurse even call COTA Mainstream and got my dear husband a ride home within the hour. WOW, I am not sure even Dwight could have done that and they know his name and voice at Mainstream dispatch.

We are safely home, Karin stopped by with the grandchildren so that Isaac could see, hug and pray for his PAPA. He is quite a PAPA's boy and was not happy that PAPA was going into the hospital.

Thanks to all who have expressed concern and offered prayers for Dwight.


hennhouse said...

Great update.

Love you.

Bethy said...

Still praying for you guys.
Lots of love.