Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Full Bore Spring

My violets, deep purple, light purple, freckles, cream and white are in full bloom. And the lily of the valley proudly stand over them in perfumed pride. My favorite flower marriage.

The bleeding hearts gently sway in the corner of the flower bed, several other plants are slowing adding their promise of later flowers behind them. One lone pansy, a beautiful snow white peeks out, letting me know she survived the winter. In the opposite corner the miniature yellow lilies bloom amidst a bed of white ground cover flowers a great neighbor shared with me two years ago. The clematis have rapidly climbed the arbor, only one the other gave in to winter.
One of the three transplanted ferns made it. And only dare devil dandy lion attempted to join the chorus of flowers, it no longer is among the living.

In a backyard flower bed of violets the jack in the pulpit has finally started unfurling its gentle leaves under the protected of more violets. Standing guard at the corners of the house are two stately lilacs, gifts from my Dad and sister Karen the first summer we lived in Columbus.

And behind the garage, for myself, the lady across the alley and anyone who drives slowly down the alley--three columbines are showing their beauty to all. Four poppies are in a sprint to see who will be the biggest (hope the flowers are as great). The hollyhocks are showing great promise also, so much beauty and so much promise of more to follow. What a great time of year.


hennhouse said...

We'll have to get over soon to see it all--sounds divine!

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Sounds beautiful!

Sam said...

I don't like plants. All those colors drive me crazy. I think all plants should be outlawed.