Thursday, May 29, 2008

Excellent Student

Since we married, 36 years ago, I have forbade my husband to use my Singer sewing machine. I, after all, was the seamstress. Didn't matter that I could run most of his woodworking tools quite well. If it was to be sewn, I would do it. But...things change, like a wheelchair and a new sewing machine. (Purchased, lovingly, by the dear husband.) This sewing machine has lots of super features, like push button start and stop, locking stitchings at the beginning and ending of the seam, and auto thread cutter. Thus, when Dear Dwight asked me to show him how to sew a seam I jumped at it:

I put the machine on it's slowest speed so he could keep all his fingers and sanity.

Ta-da...the first seam. Do I see a look of wonderment?

And then, the true carpenter. It is straight? Now, mind you, this is his first ever, ever seam. And, according to him it is NOT straight. I only saw one small wobble, one--his first seam. I told him that with his skill and perfectionism he could piece all my quilt tops...I haven't convinced him yet.


Papa D said...

Have you ever tried to make a straight anything with you wife looking over your shoulder? Hmmm? It might be nice, soft material, but give me an oak board any day - now THAT I can keep straight!

Oh, and as soon as they start making quilts out of black walnut, bird's eye maple, and figured Pennsylvania cherry, and surround it with a heart pine frame, THEN I'll start quilting. Until then ... well...

The husband.

hennhouse said...

You two are adorable!

Love the photos.

Sam said...

Yeah, those made me laugh.

Kristen said...

I say keep sewing dad! You will get to the point where you love it so much that mom will never get to use her own machine. On those days when you can't get out to your shop, you can use your hands to create masterpieces even still. True, they will be soft and bendable, unlike the hard stiffness of solid wood (which is amazing to have your hands on). But I think you will love this some day!!!

Love You Guys!!!