Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has sprung

My youngest grandson was not excited about going to the basement alone because of spiders. I told him that the spiders were sleeping and wouldn't come out until the yellow flowers bloomed. When I called him and informed him the yellow flowers where blooming, he informed me, "No they aren't..." spoken with a slight tenor of fear in his voice. Thankfully we have gotten over that fear. The cats and dog are also thankful, as it is his chore to feed the animals when he is here and the food is stored in the basement.

BUT there are more wonderful signs of spring. Saturday I found a half dozen beautiful violets in the flower bed. Sunday twice that amount of purple ones and a few white ones had joined them.
Leaving for Church Sunday morning, two red wing black birds where singing along Wilson Rd.

AND the grass, it is ever green and getting tall. Maybe I should mow today--I would be the first in the neighborhood. Not sure if that is goal I want to win.

The forsythia is ready to burst forth. (And no, I don't buy that old farmers tale that there are three more snows after the forsythia blooms.)

I did not miss the robins, they winter over on the other side of Wilson Rd and we often see them in January or February.

Happy Spring


Sam said...

I often wonder if this is the prettiest season, or just seems so because of all the grays and browns in our vision for the last 4 months? Either way, I sure do love seeing the flowers bloom.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I love spring! Your garden sounds wonderful!

hennhouse said...

And it is FINALLY time to let the kids out to play without threat of frostbite!