Friday, April 11, 2008

30 day challegne for wives

When I had been married long enough to have 3 kids I decided my husband had a lot of faults that I wanted fixed, now. I wrote to an older Christian woman who had a great marriage for advice on how to get him in line. She advised me to make a list of all his good points, but none of his But it is exactly what I need to do. And Nancy Lea DeMoss on her current program is addressing the same issues. And I challenge all of my married women friends to take this challenge with me for the next month. you can read or listen

Let's have fun on this leg of our journey.


hennhouse said...

I'm in. But if my list of Tim's good points gets much longer, I'll need to buy a new hard drive.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I'm in. It's just for the husband, right?...I can still make a list of the kids faults that I need to correct:)

Beckyd said...

I'm in too. Sounds like fun