Monday, July 2, 2012


Dwight and I have always enjoyed fireworks.  I think the only year we didn't attend was 1976. (I know, of all years!).  He had a weekend  full of concerts so Sam--11 months old, and I spent the weekend with my family in New York. 

But we never missed another year that I can recall.  The first year after he became wheelchair bound, we still went to the fireworks at Eastland Mall in Niles, Oh.  But after moving to Columbus we no longer 'went' to fireworks, but continued a tradition we had started somewhere along the line--we watched the fireworks from Boston, complete with the Boston Pops--one of our favorites.

I was hoping to get to fireworks this year, but I work July 3rd, when Columbus has Red White and Boom--a bit crowded for me. I have heard that Grove City has terrific fireworks at Beluah Park, more small town, my preference, but alas they were Saturday night.  Yeah, I worked.

I was lamenting my poor plight to the Mom of some my favorite teens at Church, hoping for some pity when low and behold I was invited on a date.
It seems this wonderful mother is going to be 'familess' on the 4th.  So she and I are going to attend the celebration together.  I won't mention her name or where we are going cuz we have decided we are going to hold hands and skip through the park together. 

Can't wait.

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GodQuest said...

Glad you will get out and enjoy something you have always enjoyed in the past. I am very happy you have a friend to experience it with you. Friends and family are so very vital to anyone's peace and contentment. We have Heather (the only kid close enough) coming for a picnic on the Lake for the 4th. I miss the kids-at-a-distance, but having one kid helps a lot. So ENJOY your friend and the fireworks!