Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Cats

My Snookzie, who is almost one year old, is a very beautiful cat. Altho' he is probably the largest cat I have had, he is still light weight. Sophie Rose, Kristen's cat, is smaller but very much overweight. Hard to believe the way the two of them chase through the house. Their favorite time to chase is when we are going bed. We are disappointed that neither is a lap cat, I have told them I have considered the addition of a third cat or a dog, but they don't seem to take me serious.
Dwight continues much the same. He is continually tired and takes allot of naps, although on dialysis days he doesn't sleep as well at night, waking often. All the infections have affected his mind, it takes him longer to think things through and respond in conversation. Very frustrating for myself and the children, not the same as he was two years ago before this started. He seems to have lost more weight.
A couple of minor surgeries have been suggest to reduce the urinary tract infections, he has agreed to one of them, now just trying to getting it set up. The urogolist won't see he because we have an outstanding balance. I was unaware of it and told them it is kinda hard to pay a bill when you don't send me one. Still waiting to receive it.
Sam and his girlfriend where down over the weekend and spend time with Dwight. It is hard to believe that in one month Sam will be heading out on the Appalaciation Trail. We will be keeping up with him on his trail blog.
I am still looking for winter and have asked the Lord for a snowfall of at least a foot.....

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Hollie said...

Tell Dwight I said "hello" and that I am praying for him. Hopefully, this surgery will help some. Take care of yourself, Sue. I know sometimes it seems like our needs are on a back burner but aren't you glad we have a God that understands and knows all about it?!
I hope you get your snowfall, we haven't had much of a winter. Disappointing when you're used to more snow than just the feather dustings we have had! Oh well, I don't mean to complain!
Hope your weekend goes well for you!