Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Who??

Dwight and I are quite fortunate to have our grandchildren join us for dinner at least once a week. Tonight Jackson and Aurora were enjoying a simple meal and child centered conversation...'how many days till school starts?', etc.

Aurora, after declaring that she loved me, second to Papa, looked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and asked, "How come you don't have children?"

I answered simply, "We do."

Aurora, "Then why don't I see them when I come?"

Hm-m-m. "You know who my daughter is.."

Aurora, "Yes, my mother. You are her mother."

Did she really think I had more children- her size and was hiding them?

Later in the meal I discovered a small amount of blood on my arm and what looked like a bug bite. Under her watchful, concerned eyes I cleaned off the blood. I then asked her to kiss it and make it better. "NO"

"But you love me, kiss it and make it better."

After a very slight pause, "I like you."


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...


HennHouse said...

Oh, that Auri!!!

Sam said...

That's laugh-out-loud funny!

Kristen said...

So did she ever get it? Did she realize that us being yours meant we ARE your kids? That's cute though! Oh the cute things kids will say! Love It!

Swedish Mama said...

She was looking for kids her size. Guess I only take them out when I am home alone.