Friday, May 4, 2012

What were they thinking?

Of course no one will own up to being the one responsible, but when I walked to Dwight's room I thought I was in a Swedish sauna.  It was so hot I am surprised my glasses didn't fog up.  'Someone' had turned the heat on full bore, could not get it any higher.  And they had Dwight covered with a sheet and two blankets.  Dwight isn't a fan of blankets so I know he didn't ask for this. He was sweating alot. 

Heat off, blankets off.  Washed his poor face.  Fan on (no A/C--he doesn't like the cold air any longer).  He is still hot, but he isn't eating or drinking much so that could be the cause of that. 

Yesterday he had a great visit with Pastor Tim complete with a Boston cream donut.  They shared many things with each other. Prayed together. What a wonderful friendship they have.  I wanted to leave, felt like an intruder on something special, but Tim wanted me to stay. 

This morning he had a visit from a dear friend of ours, Donna Lewis.  Another dear friend, Pastor Fred called a few days ago. We have made some wonderful friends through the years.  I have received many messages on email and facebook.  Thanks friends, for being friends and praying. I can't put all the names here, but I have you in my heart and mind.

This afternoon Dwight is having some trouble breathing and difficulty conversing, mostly in two or three words.  Not all making sense.  But he still gives me that special  'I love you'  smile.  He still knows how make me feel so cherished.

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