Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flattery will get you what?

It was very crowded as Karin, the kids and I walked and enjoyed the lights at the Zoo, cold too. Isaiah and I walked together, as Karin, Isaac and Esther-Faith led the way. As we walked Isaiah told me that not only did I not look my age I didn't act it. Smiling in the dark, I felt like telling him that his Christmas present was already ordered and on its way. Then he landed a homeroom, he told me that he didn't know any Grammies (how many does he know?) that not only own an Iphone, but know how to use it as well or as much as I do.
Many he does need another gift.....
As Christmas approaches, Dwight continues the much same. His pain is more intense as he now has more joint issues but continues on the same amount of pain meds, which aren't giving him enough relief. With all the room changes he has had this year he is back in the same room as he was in last Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We know God is in control, even when we don't even come close to understanding. One day Dwight will be healed and pain free, in the mean time we praise God for His love and Salvation and strive to serve Him as He requests.
I am thankful I was able to get Dwight a Kindle and the NIV Bible loaded on it so he can continue to read God's word. He also has a favorite author and I have bought him several of her novels.
Merry, blessed CHRISTmas to all. The gift of redemption, born in a stable, is truly the reason for our celebrations.

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