Monday, October 17, 2011


The cards came and came. All the way to Sunday, Oct 9th. Number one hundred sixteen. 116. WOW. And thanks to all, all, all the wonderful people who helped make this a great birthday for Dwight.

Dwight received cards from family, including my sister who never, NEVER, sends cards. From friends of our family. From our group at church, some have never meet Dwight because the inability to get regular rides on Sundays. But still they choose to wish him a great, blessed day. From a group in Cincinnati who regularly prays for Dwight. Friends from College. And lots of silly cards from a web group our son belongs to. Not counted in the total are wishes received by email and on facebook.


And back to the tough stuff. There have been comments made for several months about Dwight needing to leave Mill Run. But no pressure, till a couple weeks ago. Now it is time to get a new place for Dwight. I have visited four. Called more. I really liked one place, but they say they don't have an air bed for him. Really, the beds are ordered by the doctor for the resident. Rented and brought in. Really. Wish people would be honest.

Wasn't impressed by a couple others. Gave Dwight info on the fourth, but he prayed about it felt it wasn't the right one. A couple of the phone calls stated no room. Grr. Praying for guidance, want Dwight in a home where he will be well taken care of and where he can be a witness.

Several people took pictures, I am waiting for them to share with me so I can share with you.....

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Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Sorry I didn't get a card in the mail...things have just been to hectic here lately. Happy Belated Birthday Dwight!!