Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Alone, I thought

With Kristen on a teen mission trip and the grandchildren staying with their cousins and aunt and uncle, I thought I'd have a quiet week alone. Sewing, embroidering, watching a movie or two, sleeping in. Thought...

Not accounting for two very spoiled, very inquisitive kittens. No, my plans did not include them--at least not their determination for things to continue as they are accustomed to.

The first day was fine, they are used to their humans being gone for several hours at a time. But in the middle of the night they discovered a new toy, by their definition a new toy. I didn't agree when I found it in the morning. I keep my embroidery threads in plastic storage containers that stack and lock (mostly) together. Having brought my machine down into the AC for the week, of course supplies followed. And so did curiosity. First the storage units were towers to sit on, but when jumping down from them they came open. Guess I shouldn't have placed them on a chair. Quite a noise, quite a mess. Thankfully only two came open, must have been enough, one of them was all small spools. They had been happily played with, the colors well mixed.

After 48 hours of only me they are very determined to receive the necessary petting they require for good health--but I only have two hands and there are others things I like to do, as much as I love kittens. They don't want it while I am watching TV, perferring when am at the machine.

Snookzie either likes his baths, or likes sleeping bathtubs. He now takes his afternoon nap in the tub, but I must make sure the curtain isn't totally shut, he makes quite a racket trying to get out. Especially at 3 in the morning.

It is nice having the company for the most part..... And they are pretty.


Sam said...

Pics, please.

susan baum said...

as hot as it is in columbus this week, i'll bet that cool porcelain feels pretty darn good. smart kitten!