Thursday, July 30, 2009

Overheard at the Shirey's

Earlier this week Isaac was dropped off the spent the day with Papa. I was still getting ready for work and Papa was in the bedroom with the door closed, so Isaac needed to speak loudly to be heard. I knew he was on the floor loving and/or brushing the 'family dog', Deanna. She is usually the first stop for Isaac when he comes.

Isaac: "Papa,I know how we tell that Deanna is a girl dog."

Papa, after a very slight pause, "Really, how is that Isaac?"

Isaac, with complete confidence in his knowledge: "She has a girl face."


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That is so cute.

Sam said...

That could have gone a hundred different ways... :-)

HennHouse said...

I agree with Sam... I was nervous for what he might say!!