Friday, June 19, 2009

Day after

Mom had her surgery yesterday. My sisters took her to Cleveland Monday so they could be at the Cleveland Clinic bright and early Tuesday for another round of tests before surgery. I was able to drive up Tuesday after work to join them. (Thanks to Karin and Kristen for stepping up and helping their Dad while I was gone)

Mom had to be at CC by 10:00 AM. Not sure why, other than they like full waiting rooms. We sat in the first one till 11 and the second one till almost noon. We were sent out for ten minutes while they got her into bed--really it was 30, during which our brothers arrived. We all joined Mom in her little prep room and waited till 1:30 for the transport gentleman arrived. (A sweet giant of a man, who introduced himself to each of us with a strong handshake.)

We were sent off, expecting a two hour wait. By 4:30 we were all silently getting worried. Soon Wayne was pacing and muttering. Finally, about 6:00 Becky went to the desk for an explanation. We were told that she had just been put into the first recovery room and they were trying to wake her. When the Dr finally called, he seemed to think that he had told us it was a four hour surgery.(Which didn't start till 2:30PM!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today she was in some pain and slept alot, but seems fine. They had her out of bed a couple of times. We really don't know more.... The girls left a list of questions for the Dr to answer for them when he makes his rounds (before they can get there in the AM)

The girls are taking time off from work and are staying in Cleveland. The boys and I drove home Wednesday night.

Thanks for the prayers.

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Updates as of today, 6/23???