Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer sounds and sights.

After supper this evening I decided that house work can wait and took a stroll outside. There I found an attempted take over by the weeds, fueled by over six inches of rain this week and extremely hot weather. As I attempted to confine my authority of my domain, sentencing to death a large number of weeds, a neighbor flew by letting the neighborhood know there are lots of ways to entertain ourselves--his chosen toy of the night was a go cart with a motor that produced alot of power. Did I mention he is a father of two daughters? Warm summer evenings and a friend sharing his toy allowed him to enjoy life like a kid. -- I remember many summer days on our go cart as a kids many decades ago.

My cucumber have grown alot this week, as have the tomatoes, including a dozen or more volunteers, some even in the lawn and the neighbor missed them with the lawn mower!! The hanging tomato that neighbor got for Dwight has lots of small tomatoes on it!!! I still have an empty planter that Dwight built that is waiting for soil and veggies to be planted. Still time for zucchini and ????

All the flowers look great. Had five jack-in-the-pulpits this year. A pure white pansy seeded itself and looking wonderful amid the greenery of the violets. Under the pine I have a 'weed' that I have yet to identify. It is some type of fern, flowers are about to bloom. Hope I haven't made a mistake letting grow. It is almost as tall as me.

Looks of blueberries coming on and two of the pear trees have fruit on them.

Guess you can't take to country out of the farm girl.


thenn said...

Sounds very nice. I have planted my first garden this year and I am enjoying watching it grow like CRAZY thanks to the weather.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I would love to see some pictures of your gardens!