Monday, March 31, 2008


There are times in our lives when we feel, are sure, we are invisible. Yesterday was one of those.

I have been very involved in Church since my teens years. I have known and been known by most everyone in the Churches I was involved in. I have taught kids, teens, women's small groups and led some very successful teen quiz teams. People knew me, I worked for the Lord in His Church. I have been a Pastor's wife, again doing all of the above.

But, yesterday, after I took two of my outstanding grandchildren to their classes I was invisible. I was nobody. I walked in to the sanctuary looking for a seat. There were plenty, the crowd of Easter had retreated to their normal routine. I sat down, alone. I looked around for someone to join....pass, no one available. I invited a couple of ladies to join me as they came in, but they passed.

At greeting time, a couple of people shook my and welcomed me like I was a visitor. No, I didn't know them either. Invisible....

After a short, okay, not so short, pity party I realized. I am not invisible. God formed me. God has used me and still uses me. I don't need to sit with someone to be important and useful to God. He knows, me I know Him. Like Queen Esther, I have had my time to be an important part of God's Kingdom. Now I may not have an influence in the Church, but I have an influence none the less. I have a husband, three great children and three wonderful kids-in-law and five outstanding, wonderful, super talented grandchildren. I have a very important job. I can be invisible in Church but I am Queen Susie. I have a job to do for God.


hennhouse said...

You are Queen Susie, and you are right. You're not invisible to the one who matters most.

Sam said...

Thanks for sharing so honestly. I've often wondered how long it would take for you to insert yourself into something, but maybe that season of your life has passed and it's your turn to be ministered "to".

Plus, if you were involved in something major at the church building, you wouldn't have time to be all those things you described. And that, I believe, you'd miss more than the church stuff.