Friday, April 4, 2014

It's About Time

It's been seven months, yeah, seven----since I've posted.  Not because I haven't wanted to, just couldn't get signed in.  It won't recognize me.....

So much has happened since so I'll put up a quick recap.  Not sure many people still read blogs with facebook being so popular and used by almost everyone.

Two big events have happen,  first my mother got quite sick the end of September.  We said goodbye to her October 5th,  exactly seven years after our wonder grandmother left a huge hole in our life. All us siblings really were miss her, so often I reach for the phone to call her and tell her something.....

It has been a very, very, very snowy winter for most of the USA.  Here in central Ohio it is the 2nd highest on record.

In January my oldest grandson Isaiah had to be removed from his home.  After some time in the hospital he has been placed in a home for trouble teens.  It has been very hard on his parents, but necessary for everyone. Tough love is hard.   If the Lord leads you, please pray for the situation.

Birthdays have come and gone.  Both of my beautiful granddaughters are eight.  And using my sewing machines and are creating things!

School, music, sports and tap and ballet lessons abound. 

We all are looking forward to spring, and will appreciate it so much more this year.  I did find a violet blooming out front----and of course planted my first round of pansies. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trombone Time

It is hard to believe there is another trombone player in the family.  Jackson, he joins his cousin, Isaiah as the second of the third generation to play.

The first time I ever noticed my husband was at the welcome service in Wesley Chapel on the campus of the then Eastern Pilgrim College. He was rocking the service with Roll Jordan Roll.  WOW!!  Altho my mother and her parents were really good musicians I inherited my father's talent--zero.  So I really didn't realize how good Dwight was (as Mr Umstead saw him), but I was impressed.

Dwight played very well and often used his trombone in his concerts and revivals, making his own backgrounds in his small studio.  He then taught our daughter Karin, who was very good.  Then Karin passed her student trombone on to my oldest grandson Isaiah who does well, playing in the concert band. (Not sure how he has time to practice with all the sports he plays, and he is a great helper at home--besides keeping excellent grades.)  Now Jackson picked up his used student trombone today.

He was barely in the house when he had the case open and was putting it together.  It took a little convincing on my part that I actually knew how to put it together correctly.  And how to blow into the mouthpiece.  He did listen.  And then we listened. And listened.  And listened as he produced note after note.  He did quite well for not having lessons.  Finally he was sent out to the backyard to practice.  He didn't tire of it.  Can't say the same for the rest of us.

When it was time for a movie Jackson reminded us it was his turn to pick----Music Man. 

I am sure Dwight would have loved to compose, or arrange a trio or quartet piece for the trombonists.

Maybe Isaiah and Jackson can come up with a duet for us.................

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best little dog

Riding his bike this afternoon, Jackson wiped out in the alley.  Our alley is not the cleanest place for a young man to get a wound in his hand.  Dogs, trash and just last week three elm trees cut down.

Kristen cleaned the wound and did her best to bandage the palm of his hand.  After his shower she had me look at it, there was a lot of red around the sore and a line starting up his forearm.

Jackson (and Aurora) didn't understand why we were concerned.  As we explained it to them, fear and concern filled their eyes.  We assured them that good Doctors and good medicine would fix things up.
They were still worried.  We prayed and Kristen and Jackson headed off to Urgent Care at Children's.  By the time the Dr saw Jackson the red line was up to his bicep.  They said it wasn't in the blood, but in the muscle.  A strong shot of penicillin and it receded.  Pills for ten days to follow.....

Aurora still worried. She paced the living room, praying for her beloved brother.  I tried to explain to her that God didn't want us to worry, but rather to trust Him.  She put on her 'Papa shirt', miles too big, but comforting to her, climbed into her Mom's bed, hug an animal and told me she won't worry.  But I wasn't to leave the room.  Then little Elli joined her, snuggling close. Soon the Princess was asleep and the little dog stay right there until Jackson came home.

Dwight's cat knew when he needed comforted, and now Elli.  God is good, even with our pets.  And Drs and medicine.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Drive in the Rain

We decided sometime ago to return Dwight to Pennsylvania and to set his remains to rest at his headstone.  Days off from work were requested, the days plans made and fair weather expected,
 it is July--normally a dry month.

 When it was time to start the 3 1/2 hour drive it poured.  It double poured, no it triple poured.
 I had on a rain coat, one that should repel water, I was literally soaked to the skin as I ran to the van.   My shoes were ponds.  We all dripped. At a rest stop I stood with my back to the hand blow drier to try to dry off.  It worked some, but my van seat was also wet so I'm not sure it was any help.

As we  drove east on Rt 70 across Ohio, through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania the 
rain ranged from almost nothing to near blinding downpours
  But as we entered Greensburg is slowed and stopped. 
At the Shirey Cemetery it was dry.

We gathered around our tombstone.  
 Both Dwight and I enjoy birds, I was not surprised to find the headstone sporting a
lot of extra decorations added by the local birds, more than other headstones nearby.  
Karin lovingly washed it off.

To the grandchildren I pointed out their great grandparents, great-great grandparents and various other relatives.  Not sure if any were impressed, but I enjoyed telling them.  
Isaiah's eyes got quite wide when he read the tombstone of his great-great grandparents and discovered that Grandma Nellie and he share the same birth-date.

We had a nice service honoring Dwight.  Kristen sang 10,000 Reasons, she accidentally hit the
 wrong button and instead of the accompaniment track got the vocal track, 
 she sang a very good duet with Matt Redman, but he finished alone as emotions overtook her. 
 Tim read Psalm 100, and some of Philippians 4, (Dwight's favorite New Testament book.) 
 Isaiah, our oldest grandchild,  then read Psalm 121, which was a constant source of strength for Dwight in his last months.  Tim and Isaiah gently lowered Dwight's ashes into the ground
 as the thunder threatened us.  I attempted to pray for Dwight's continuing influence on our family 
and all others he touched on his journey.  
  Tears where present in many an eye this afternoon.

As we settled back into our vehicles, the rain started.  
It continued to pick up in intensity, when we arrived at Hoss' Steakhouse we were
 in another intense downpour.  But with the promise of eating at a favorite 
restaurant of Papa's we all braved the rain and enjoyed a great meal.

I am convinced the God held off the rain at the Shirey Cemetery
 until the Shirey family was finished.
Thank you Lord. 

We drove home through rain. It was a safe trip both ways.  God is good.

  At home my rain gauge measured 2 3/4 inches of rain.  Wow.

Thank you to all who prayed for us today. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dog in the Driver's Seat

My little dog loves to go somewhere, anywhere with me in the van.  Short and long trips.When she must stay home she lets the cats and neighbors know her displeasure with me.  She especially believes she should accompany me to the HennHouse.  Once there she is smothered with love by Esther-Faith, takes long walks with the boys and has a great play time with the Henn dog, Angel.

Last Tuesday I stopped in for just a minute.  I left her in the van while I ran in.  Elli wasn't happy, she knew where we were.  She jumped from seat to seat, watching the house door.

And she locked the van door.  With the keys in the ignition.  And my purse on the seat. And my phone in my purse.

Karin thought this was quite funny. Laughter is good medicine and she got a huge dose.  She tried to get the dog to step on the unlock button. Elli would have nothing to do with it. She offered several options, including taking her car to my house to get the spare. But my keys are in the van.  She handed me a keyring of full keys--maybe one was to my house....she wasn't sure, they are Tim's keys.

One did work, the dog was released.  Never again will the dog and my keys stay in the van together without me.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faith Walking

Many of us have heard the expression, 'the still small voice of God'. Too often we are too busy to realize that God is speaking.  Who knows how many times we have missed something in our life because we ignored, with our busyness, what God has been whispering to us.  Or, if we did hear it, we forged ahead with our own agenda without acknowledging what we heard--often because our human selfishness, thinking we know best.

Last Tuesday I became aware to the whispers of God.  I did what we often do, dismissed it.  It was illogical.  It was unworkable.  It wasn't what I want.  But God is God, and God in His love for me, continued to speak.  Raising the volume some.  I listened.  I presented my case.  Every argument, every but was meet with two words.  "Trust Me."

As I prayed, read the Word and listened, God reminded me of the many times He has blessed me, has held me, has carried me through circumstances.  And He asked, "If I have done it before, why wouldn't I do it again?  Trust Me.  See what I have planned for you."

So I am.  

In obedience to His command, I handed in my two week notice at work.  And I am trusting.  I am not letting myself worry.  He is in control.  

The peace and joy are wonderful.

He did not direct me to stop teaching at Jo Ann's, so I will still have a few classes a month.  I will work on reducing my stash of fabric, converting it into quilts and clothes for baby dolls and American Girl dolls. And bags, and purses.  I have a list of quilt designs I want to make so I am sure I will keep my machines humming. There are lots of things that need embroidered. 

And I am sure I will continue to find fabric I must have to make into.......

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do you hear what she hears?

From the beginning of our marriage Dwight's parents would call on our Birthday and sing Happy Birthday, we loved it.  We returned the joy to them on their birthday's.  We attempted to carry it on with our children and grandchildren, although with my special singing talent I stood as far from the phone as possible. 

Even after Dwight was in the nursing home we called and sang to everyone. 
This year all the children and grandchildren celebrated their birthdays after Dwight's entrance to gloryland.  

Each of the grandsons, in their own way, told me they missed Papa helping them celebrate.  Today is Aurora's 7th birthday, she doesn't like to talk about Papa being gone.  I asked her this morning if she would like me to sing Happy Birthday to her,  she said no, she could hear Papa from heaven singing to her.